Articles February 2022

  • Emotional Fatigue, a Daily Situation
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Maybe you are going through a difficulty that causes you extreme fatigue such as: change of residence, financial problem, being away from your partner or family, heavy workload or unemployment, birth of a … Read more
  • What does Depression Look Like? Alarming Numbers among Americans
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Currently, depression or depressive disorder is more common than you might think. This mood disorder is investigated from different perspectives, to the point that it has been shown that it is a worldwide … Read more
  • Personal Relationships: Traditional vs Digital
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Digital development and its rise in recent years, especially during the pandemic, have substantially changed the way we relate to each other. For this reason, society has evolved and developed more complex affective … Read more
  • Fake News: The Problem of Disinformation and Mental Health
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| The “information age” has brought various successes and problems, one of them being fake news, which spreads so quickly that it mostly prevents them from being investigated by those who consume them, mainly … Read more
  • Alert: We Can All Suffer from Suicidal Thoughts and Even Carry them out
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| It was recently shocking to see a 12-year-old boy committed suicide after being bullied at his school. This makes us think that suicidal thoughts are always there, but do we know how to … Read more
  • Love is in the Air
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| We are days away from celebrating Valentine’s Day, a date in which we breathe love, we are happy, we surround ourselves with roses, chocolates and dreams because we feel “in the clouds” thanks … Read more
  • Black History Month and Mental Health
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African-Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. A commemoration that invites us to remember, but also to think … Read more
  • The Psychiatrist: A Professional for the Brave, not the “Crazy”.
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| The word psychiatrist relates within society to concepts such as “madness, disease, problem, depression, etc.” and others that social imagination has mistakenly created. However, those who have received the support of these professionals … Read more
  • Self-esteem, the Best Way to Combat Social Pressure
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Loving ourselves is perhaps the most difficult task of all, because constantly finding faults is an inevitable behavior that we carry out as human beings, generally we do not feel satisfied with what … Read more