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  • Healing the Healers: A New Approach to Mental Health in the Medical Profession
    In Massachusetts. A groundbreaking shift aims to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health among medical professionals. The state’s hospitals and health insurers have commitment to ceasing inquiries about clinician’s past mental illness and addiction histories in credentialing paperwork.  Health care workers, especially female doctors, also are at disproportionately higher risk of suicide, compared to other workers. An…
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  • Redefining Online Spaces: WHO Advocates for Healthier Mental Health Content for Adolescents
    On October 4, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) and BMJ hosted a groundbreaking virtual roundtable, bringing together 22 global health experts from diverse backgrounds in digital media, child and adolescent mental health, and suicide prevention. A rapid review conducted prior to the meeting explored existing literature and young people’s perspectives on beneficial online content….
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  • Ketamine Clinics Surge in Popularity for Treating Severe Depression.
    In late 2022, Sarah Gutilla, a 34-year-old raised in foster care with a traumatic past faced severe treatment-resistance depression. Her husband paid $600 for her to undergo the first of six ketamine therapy sessions at Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles. This was a significant step for Gutilla, who hadn’t left her home for two years. She…
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  • Mental Healthcare Careers Lead the Way in 2024’s Top US Jobs
    In 2024, mental healthcare emerges as the leading sector for top jobs in the United States, as highlighted by employment website Indeed. Focusing on mental health technicians, therapists, and psychiatrists, the site’s ranking of the 50 best jobs is based on criteria such as salary, growth opportunities, flexibility, and job availability. Remarkably, 22% of these…
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  • January’s Grand Finale in DC: Jazz Celebrations Orchid Exhibition, and Shakespearean Inspirations.
    As January concludes, Washington DC, offers a weekend brimming with cultural events and activities. The highlight is the 25th anniversary of the iconic jazz nights at Westminster Presbyterian Church, a testament to the city’s rich musician heritage. Meanwhile, the Kogod Courtyard, nestled between the National Portrait Gallery and the American Art Museum, welcomes the return…
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  • New Year, New Access: Medicare Enhances Mental Health Services with Counselor Coverage.
    As of January 1, over 65 million Americans relying on Medicare will experience improved mental health coverage, including therapy with licensed marriage and family counselors and licensed professional counselors. These therapist types constitute 40% of master’s level mental health providers, according to the American Counseling Association. Professor Victoria Kress, a licensed professional counselor at Youngstown…
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