Self-esteem, the Best Way to Combat Social Pressure

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

Loving ourselves is perhaps the most difficult task of all, because constantly finding faults is an inevitable behavior that we carry out as human beings, generally we do not feel satisfied with what we are or have. This undoubtedly affects an important part of our lives, self-esteem.

Self-esteem is “belief and confidence in your own ability and value [1] ”. It allows us not only to trust ourselves, but also trust the abilities we have to generate stronger relationships in our environment, interacting with confidence in an increasingly complex social environment affected by pressure on social networks [2] .

How do we evidence this? According to The Conversation portal [3] , our self-esteem decreases, for example, when we compare ourselves to others we see on networks and consider ourselves lacking beauty. This generates negative feelings such as depression. Our desire to show in our publications a life that we do not really have will generate anxiety.

As stated in a study carried out by the National University of Singapore, we generally tend to publish only positive things, generating “filters” between what is and what is not. This has negative consequences for our emotional well-being, such as stress, when not being able to continue with the appearances that networked society demands of us [4] .

Therefore, it is important to remember some tips [5]  that will help you strengthen your self-esteem: be kind with yourself; look after yourself; try to notice the good things; build a support network; talking and arts therapies; learn to be assertive; set yourself a challenge, and find support for connected issues.







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