Emotional Fatigue, a Daily Situation

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Maybe you are going through a difficulty that causes you extreme fatigue such as: change of residence, financial problem, being away from your partner or family, heavy workload or unemployment, birth of a child, the pandemic, the loss of a loved one, an academic test, etc., An infinite number of situations can lead you to face a crisis where the feelings of stress, anguish and excessive and prolonged anxiety take away your strength. So, it is very likely that you are facing and episode of Emotional Fatigue.

According to Mayo Clinic [1] , some symptoms that occur as antecedents are failing to meet deadlines, lower workplace commitment, more absences, and performing work duties more slowly. However, physical symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and lack of appetite and muscle pain are included and, specifically within the emotional symptoms, anxiety, depression, irritability, nervousness, among others are mentioned.

Now, the pandemic has provided the opportunity to internalize ourselves, listen and identify what our body wants to show us and work on it, physical and emotional self- care based on healthy habits thinking about a better future allow us to take advantage of the crisis.

Emotional fatigue does not distinguish particular characteristics among people, as human beings in general can suffer from it, but not everyone experiences it the same way, some have stronger sensations and others barely notice it. Dr. Radha Modgil [2]  compares it to the charge level of a cell phone battery: “It is important then, to pay attention to the emotional battery level to avoid physical and emotional wear and not wait for it to get worse to seek professional help”.

However, we must remember that we can face emotional fatigue with resources such as sleeping better, being physically active, disconnecting from what causes concern, learning to breathe, setting limits, learning to say “no”, communicating assertively, abandoning guilt and attending to the needs of the body, are some tips that help you to be better with yourself and improve emotional exhaustion, it also helps to transform your environment and build a new beginning [3] .





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