Love is in the Air

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We are days away from celebrating Valentine’s Day, a date in which we breathe love, we are happy, we surround ourselves with roses, chocolates and dreams because we feel “in the clouds” thanks to another person. But do we know all about love?

Sarah Reagan [1] , a spirituality and relationships writer describes how love feels, and mentions 10 emotions that we probably experience when in-love: It’s more than lust; you are not concerned with the risk; you feel calm and happy round the other person; it just feels right; you feel like a complete individual; you accept the good with the bad; you actively choose them; you trust your love will last; you’ve overcome obstacles and challenges; you could live without them, but you don’t want to.

These feelings usually occur when love exists between two people who are a couple. However, what about the other types of love? Reagan also explains [2]  it to us: Eros is the love that tells us about love, romance and attraction, it generally occurs when you are in the middle of the conquest stage; Pragma is the love that has no end and is present both in marriages and in friendship relationships that found in the other person a love so real that it lasts for eternity; Ludus is playful love, full of jokes and games; Agape is compassionate love, the one that loves everyone.

All these types of love mean that we can show love in many ways and in various scenarios, so according to licensed marriage and family therapist Rosanna Snee [3] , the best thing to do is to commit to your relationship, invest time, communicate your love, be spontaneous, acknowledge the thoughtful things your partner does, be supportive and provide space and take the good with the bad. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together full of love and simple details [4]  like writing a letter, sending messages full of sincere feelings, making a video call, dedicating a song, writing a poem, cooking, or watching a movie with your partner, family, or close friends.






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