The Matrix of the Mind

The Matrix of the Mind: Are We Living in a Predictive Processing Simulation?

In recent years, some neuroscientists have contemplated the notion that our reality might be a simulation, not by an external computer but our own brains. This concept, resembling the premise of the “Matrix” movies, suggests that the brain constructs a predictive model of the world, creating an illusion of the present moment based on expectations.

This simulation, termed “predictive processing”, encompasses all senses, and constantly updates to match external reality, allowing us to navigate the world seamlessly. Moreover, the mind stores core experiences, including distressing thoughts and emotions, which can dominate our simulated reality.

“So, in practice, the things most likely to be re-experienced in your simulation are the most negative ones. Such dark and amorphous emotions as anxiety, stress, anger, and unhappiness are held at the front of the queue.”

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