Summer can cause anxiety

Summer is coming to an end, and the high temperatures, which have been notorious this year, not only lead to a bad mood and irritability, but have also been linked to elevated levels of anxiety, as well as mood swings, especially in sensitive people.

For example, meteorosensitive people tend to be more highly affected by changes in the environment both in their physical and mental health. Those with seasonal affective disorder are also affected and can associate these changes with physical ailments such as migraines.

Recommendations to those who suffer from such conditions include getting enough sleep, remaining physically active and well hydrated, and, the most important, seeking primordial consultation with a psychologist if symptoms worsen or begin to change.

“There are studies that propose that heat and high temperatures can increase anxiety levels, especially in people who have a predisposition”

Raquel Moyá

Mercedes Borja | 20minutos

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