Reviving the Passion for Going to Work

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

In the modern landscape of work, where the lines between professional aspirations and personal passions are blurring, a curious phenomenon has emerged -the genuine eagerness to start the workday. No longer confined in the realm of Monday blues, a growing number of individuals find themselves looking forward to stepping into their workplaces.

To start with, it is important to know these five questions to ask when you have lost your passion for work: What drives me now?; What can I do to revive my current job?; Who can help me work through these feelings?; Is it time for a new job or a new career completely?; Who can help guide me to find my passion again[1] ?

As the Mobile App Design, Katherine B. MacDonald states, “passion is like a fire, once ignited, it needs fuel to stay alive. Remember how excited you were about making something happen, implementing something new and making a difference for other people in your line of work? Did you succeed in that? Invite yourself to look at your current job and rate all the aspects of it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest. If you are not currently working, think about your most recent job[2] ”.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Korn Ferry[LP3] , Gary Burnison, “if you have lost the passion for your career, then your performance is probably mediocre at best. You are among the 80% who accomplish only 20% -when you need to be one of the outliers, the 20% who accomplish the 80%”. Check these signs of a passionless career:

  1. You are snooze control. No matter how much sleep you get, you are a yawn machine.
  2. You love your commute.
  3. “Your colleagues could be from Mars”.
  4. Lunch hour is anything but.
  5. You hate to skype.
  6. Email, however, is your friend.
  7. What competition?
  8. Your last performance review lasted seven minutes.
  9. Promotions are for losers.
  10. You pray -and I mean pray- for jury duty.

Harvard Business[4]  Review affirms, “while burnout can affect anyone, at any age, in any industry, it is important to note that there are certain sectors and roles that are at increased risk, and purpose driven work – that is work people love and feel passionate about- is one of them. To review this whole proposal, please visit

So, as the morning alarm sounds and a new day begins, let us remember that the eagerness to go to work is not just a fleeting feeling; it is a mindset that has the potential to reshape the way we approach our careers and our lives. By nurturing enthusiasm, we can truly transform our workdays into meaningful chapters of a larger purpose-driven narrative.






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