Regret, a Valuable Emotion When we Make Decisions

All human behavior is largely marked by social construction, when emotional and cultural components play an important role. Psychological research considers the participation of emotion in decision-making processes, not contradicting reason and cognition, but in a way where they complement and strengthen each other.

Hence, complex emotions such as regret, which represents a negative burden for the individual, could also be used in a positive way, since a person who feels regret also allows himself to make new judgements, simulate results and rethink strategies. The important thing is not to dwell on the negative feelings that this can cause, such a guilt, sadness, instability, etc.

“No Regrets.” It is an alluring motto, a handy recipe for success and satisfaction. Reject the pain of looking backward, revel in the pleasure of dreaming forward, and the good life will ensue.”

Daniel H. Pink | The Wall Street Journal

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