Fear of Possible Deportations in the Hispanic Community

The immigration situation of Hispanics residing in the U.S. causes great fear within the community, although the uncertainty was stronger during the immigration policies of the Donald Trump government, there is still a high level of concern among people about their own deportation or that of a family member.

A study carried out by the Pew Research Center reveals that almost 4 out of 10 Latinos expressed concern about their migratory situation, since a large number of Latinos residing in the U.S. are in the country without authorization. It also points out that insecurity increases in the younger population who do not have permanent residence compared to those over 50 years of age.

“Deportation remains an important concern for many U.S. Latinos. Overall, nearly four-in-ten Latinos (39%) say they worry that they, a family member or someone close to them could be deported.”

MOHAMAD MOSLIMANI | Pew Research Center

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