Recommended Books for Hispanic Heritage Month, 2022.

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, a month that allow us to remember the valuable contributions of the Hispanic community to America, such as its literature.

Therefore, it is important to read some of the books recommended here, because from them we could understand better this wonderful Hispanic culture: How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water, by Angie Cruz; Gordo, by Jaime Cortez; Harsh Times, by Mario Vargas Llosa; Bless Me, Ultima, and Tortuga, both by Rudolfo Anaya; Cuba: An American History, by Eda Ferrer, among many others. 

“Poet Zamora’s memoir is a monumental accomplishment narrated in the voice of a nine-year-old who makes an incredulous trek across three countries to the American southern border on his way to “la USA,” a land he imagines replete with swimming pools and other material treasures.”

Ernesto Mestre-Reed | OPRAH DAILY

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