“Sorry My Mental Illness Isn’t Sexy Enough For You”

Katja Pavlovna is the founder of “Sorry My Mental Illness Isn’t Sexy Enough For You” https://www.livesnotlabels.co.uk/ an online project that seeks to give voice to those who do not have one through sharing the testimonies of people from all over the world who live with a mental illness. The initiative came from Pavlovna after she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and her friend Kay Garbett, who suffers from the same disorder.

The author rescues the fact that the reality of the mental health can be understood from the experiences of patients, as happened to her after 6 years of trying and understanding her own BPD.

“People have this idea that mental illnesses are quite easily fixable. But that’s not always the case”.

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