How to manage stress during the Coronavirus

Organizations started canceling events and closing offices in mid-March as COVID-19 concerns mounted, it hreatening people’s livelihoods in addition to their health, it can be difficult to stifle the anxiety, stress and fear coming with the crisis.

By other side, Cynthia Grant, chief clinical officer for AllHealth Network consider “I think the public is very scared and I think that there’s a lot of fear and anxiety because there’s so much uncertainty”. Abigail Tucker, chief clinical Community Reach Center consider that “people are sometimes still forgetting that health includes your mental health”.People with trauma histories can experience more flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety in the stressful environment.

Stay up to date and keep informed, and change practices as recommended, but don’t obsess over checking the news or information floating around online.

Atchity, Grant and Tucker stressed the need for people to stay connected with one another, use all the technology available to stay in touch with loved. “Social distancing does not need to be emotional distancing,” Tucker said, and Atchity considers “the way we really turn this disruption to our advantage as a community is to take some of this down time and really put it toward one another with human connection”.

Vincent Atchity | Lakewood Sentinel

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