Chris Hubbard Confessed the Personal Difficulties that Led Him to have Problems in his Mental Health.

American football player Chris Hubbard has broken his silence about his mental health. After going through hard times, like the death of his grandfather and the murder of his 19-year-old cousin, he decided to talk about the importance of emotional well-being in people’s lives, a generally hidden situation.

At the annual May luncheon of the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Summit County in the Akron/Fairlawn Hilton, he confessed to talking with a therapist and having been able to tell his personal story in public. He assured us that no matter what field we find ourselves in, there will always be someone to talk with, so we can feel better.

“It hit me hard. I did not sleep, I did not eat, I lost a lot of weight. I felt like I could not protect him. You always want to protect the people that you love.”

Chris Hubbard

Marla Ridenour | Akron Beacion Journal

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