Articles November

  • Paws and Love: A good Pair for Emotional Well-Being
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Dogs are our best friends; they accompany us in our daily life and support us in difficult moments with just a bark or by bringing us their toy ball. However, many of us are unaware of the many of benefits that these beings bring to our emotional well-being. However, this is true … Read more
  • Nomophobia? How it Affects Our Mental Wellbeing
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| We spend so much time on our cell phones but we do not realize how this affects our daily work and our emotional well-being. Did you know that this addiction, known as Nomophobia, means having the fear of being disconnected from one’s cell phone? This disorder causes anxiety, nervousness, discomfort, anguish and … Read more
  • Sharing with Family, the Best Medicine for our Emotional Well-being.
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| The year is almost over and without a doubt, sharing with our family and friends becomes a fundamental activity to thank and feel happy about. However, do we know what specific benefits this has for our emotional well-being? From being able to talk with our parents about our day to day, to … Read more
  • Giving is a Good Idea for Your Mind and Body
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Thanksgiving is here, a day next to our family to be grateful for what we received during this year. Next week, #GivingTuesday will be celebrated, a date when we must ask ourselves: What benefits does giving bring for each of us? As stated by Giving What We Can[1]  "charity can make the … Read more
  • A Common Problem Among New Mothers: Postpartum Depression (PPD)
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Being a mother is a dream for many women who want to bring a new life to the world. However, there are many physical and psychological changes that women undergo during and after pregnancy, and while the physical can be rather easily detected, the psychological is not. For example, what happens when … Read more
  • A Problem that Crosses Borders: Mental Health in Migrants
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Migration is defined as "the movement of people over some distance and from one 'usual place of residence' to another[1] ". According to the American Immigration Council, in 2019 there were[2]  44.9 million immigrants in the United States, which comprised 14% of the national population. America is, after all, a nation of immigrants. … Read more
  • Stress Comes With Age
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| As human beings grow, they conduct new activities that allow them to live day by day. In the case of adults, there are many factors that trigger stress such as financial problems, problems at work, job loss, heartbreak, divorce, etc. Stress is defined as “a state of mental tension and worry caused … Read more
  • A Losing Battle? Mental Health in Veterans.
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Every year, on November 11, we observe Veterans Day. America pays tribute to all her veterans, living or not, who served honorably during peacetime or wartime. We must remember that for combat veterans, their sacrifices can carry not only physical, but also mental health consequences. Situations as reliving events, avoiding people who … Read more
  • Don’t get SAD
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| The change of season brings with it the yearning for new plans. However, seasons like winter also bring mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many people who suffer from it do not even know they have it. However, it is important … Read more
  • Vaccines, a Good Idea for your Mental Health
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Different vaccines were developed to mitigate the chances of getting the Covid-19 virus. Currently in the US[1] , fully vaccinated people between the ages of 18 and 24 correspond to 55.6% of the total for the age group; from 50 to 64, 75.6%; and over 75, 82.5%. Many people are afraid or have … Read more