We Must Pay Attention to our Emotional Well-Being

Mental health is so stigmatized that while we seek help for our bodies it is ok and expected, when we want to have emotional well-being, seeking help is stigmatized so most people remain silent instead of consulting a professional.

The clinical director of Manah Wellness, Debasmita Sinha, offers us some ways to detect warning signs of our own stigma against emotional well-being, such as: “I don’t want others to know I am seeking counselling/therapy”, “I don’t need an outsider to fix my problems”, “I don’t have the time/money for mental health counseling/therapy”.

“If you lost a loved one, going through divorce or breakup, a stressful relocation or a new project, undergoing physical or mental assault, you may need help,”

Debasmita Sinha.

Parmita Uniyal | HINDUSTAL TIMES

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