Unbridling the Mind: Exploring the Therapeutic Power of Horses on Mental Health

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, a silent companion awaits, ready to offer solace and healing. In the realm of mental health, an unconventional ally has emerged, the horse. With their graceful strides and deep, soulful eyes, these magnificent creatures have galloped their way into the hearts and minds of individuals seeking serenity and restoration. This article will take us on a captivating journey, riding into the fascinating world of equine therapy and exploring the connection between horses and the cultivation of mental wellbeing.

The Ranch Tennessee [1]  affirms, “equine therapy is a form of experiential mental health treatment that integrates horses into behavioral and cognitive health therapy for personal development and guidance to achieve treatment goals. Patients can receive emotional support by interacting with horses in therapy, becoming more in touch with their feelings, and learning practical interpersonal and communications skills.”

According to Horses for Mental Health [2] :

  • Due to their size and presence, horses can create a sense of awe, leading to increased emotional safety and engagement in the treatment process.
  • As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive to nonverbal messages and intentions. Through this, we receive unbiased feedback, and our stories transform in a safe and powerful way.
  • Horses provide a safe and dynamic environment, where peace and healing comes through the relationship facilitated by trained professionals.

What is Hippotherapy? “It is a form of treatment used as a modality within physical, occupational, and speech therapy, utilizing the movement of the horse to provide carefully graded sensory, neuromotor and cognitive input to the patient.” How can it help? “Your body automatically moves in time with your horse’s movement. For those with movement difficulties, this helps to stimulate the connection between the brain and the body [3] ”.

There are a lot of testimonials about people who receive impacting help from these beautiful creatures. That is why we invite you to read about them in https://www.washingtonpost.com/creativegroup/zoetis/how-horses-help-humans-heal-and-thrive/

Now that we know the reality of equine assisted therapy, we are left in awe of the profound impact that horses have on our mental wellbeing. These majestic creatures, with their empathetic presence and unwavering support, have shown us a path to healing and resilience.





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