The Famous Make Mental Health Famous

This week, The Washington Post brought together actress Glenn Close and Senators Debbie Stabenow and Roy Blunt to talk about mental health and how this issue is affecting American society.

Salient in the meeting were the alarming figures presented by each of the panelists, among which they highlighted, for example, that 6 out of 10 Americans seek mental health services for themselves or a family member, a friend or acquaintance, but many of them avoid receiving services due to fear of being judged for seeking support.

“Just treat mental health like all other health. It’s no more complicated than that..”

Debbie Stabenow

Economic factors were discussed, since many of the patients who are receiving treatment for mental health problems are of low income. This in and of itself not only affects the patient, but also all the organizations that provide services to them. However, the government still does not pay the required attention to this matter, according to the participants.

Finally, they presented data related to mental health during and after the pandemic, showing that those most affected are under the age of 50 who also suffer from substance use disorders.


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