Social distancing can strain mental health.

By: Bethany Ao. | The Philadelphia Inquirer

To avoid coronavirus U.S. health- care system and President Trump called for Americans to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and go to events with 50 people. For people with with mental health issues is more difficult Social distancing.

But there are ways for people to mitigate the stress through focusing on things they like to do and establishing a sense of control over their environments and schedules. Example:

  • Doing online workouts with YouTube videos
  • Distract yourself with an art activity, like coloring
  • Picking up a project that will make you feel better
  • Keep up their social connectionsremotely through FaceTime
  • Avoid mindless scrolling through social media

This applies to people who may struggle with reaching out for support due to mental health issues.

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