Omicron: A Physical and Emotional Health Problem for Americans

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

The new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, was recently discovered, a situation that set off global alarms on physical and emotional health issues. That is why thinking about what could come, such as losing a loved one or going into quarantine, after “believing it behind us” with vaccinations, the mental well-being of Americans continues to be affected.

This is confirmed by a GALLUP [1] poll carried out in November. Tracking the self-assessment of American’s emotional well-being from 2001 to 2021, 34% of Americans rate themselves this year in “excellent” condition – the lowest in 20 years. 15% rate their mental health as “only fair”, and 4% consider themselves in “poor” condition.

The GALLUP report also shows in the demographics breakdown that American women rate their own mental health state lower than men rate themselves, and low-income people rate it lower than high-income people do. Furthermore, the findings also show that people who attend church frequently rate their mental health higher than those who attend occasionally or never.

Experts have found increasing mental health risk factors due to this new variant, Omicron. Feelings[2]  such as stress due to the uncertainty that the situation brings, or having to continue wearing a mask all the time, or anxiety about not being able to carry out activities as normally expected, or sadness due to not being able to share with loved ones, are some of the most frequently occurring conditions suffered by many.

For our health, it is recommended [3] to disconnect from social networks and the news so as not to generate more anxiety, concentrate on a hobby, carry out a new project, share with friends through a phone or video call to maintain closeness while keeping the distances that Omicron requires. If not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, do so, and when eligible for a booster, get one as soon as possible – this does not only protect you, it also protects others around you.





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