Nick Krgios and his mental health

Recently, many celebrities’ testimonials have been seen exposing the mental health problems they have had. This time, it is Nick Kyrgios who joins the list, the tennis player confessed to having struggled with substance and alcohol abuse problems, even self-harm.

Feelings such as disappointing people, not performing adequately in his sport discipline, not eating well, feeling that no one cared or being too affected by comments on social networks invaded him. Now, he hopes that by telling what he has been through he can empower people to seek help and speak up about their mental health without fear.

“I was abusing alcohol a lot, drugs and that spiraled out of control. Now, I barely drink, I literally have a glass of wine at dinner. That was the initial kind of thing I had to clean up a little bit and then build my relationship back with my family and get into healthier habits like the basics”.

Nick Kyrgios

Matias Grez | CNN

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