News 2022

  • Covid 19: “our responsibility”
    Munish Moudgil, IAS officer  said that everyone of us has responsibility when we have to face the virus. Because through actions such as wear a mask, watch the distance and wash the hands we understand that if each of us takes care of ourselves, we all take care of others. We need to watch individual behaviour,…
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  • About Mental Health
    Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior. Some of the Symptoms of mental illness are anxiety, depression, unusual thoughts, irritability, poor concentration, “hearing voices”, sleep. Whether you need to talk to a friend or seek professional counseling, opening up about how you feel can make all the difference.  Brent Pratley | The Clipper
  • Black Friday and Coronavirus
    According to the COVID Tracking Project the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations continues to rise, almost 90,400 admissions and, now more than ever people have to take care of it because Black Friday brings with it behaviors such as not keeping social distance. The U.S. has reported more than 12.8 million cases and over 263,400 deaths, according to Johns…
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  • Covid- 19 don’t stop
    In United States more than 150.000 new cases are reported each day. Cases are rising faster and third wave is happening. Henry Walke said that Americans need to work together to fight against this coronavirus: wear mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing. At the height of the second wave, the data followed a…
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  • Elections and Mental Health
    A study from the University of California people experienced stress, depression and problems with emotions during the elections. According a survey the diagnoses of depression in Clinton states start to increase 2.1% compare with October 2016. Meanwhile in Trump states increase 1.8% compare with October 2016. “The pandemic, as well as the economic downturn, are…
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  • Employees, do you want to improve your mental health?
    Private conversation: Share with your friends in a short time how do you feel. Counseling: Find a psychotherapist. Meditation: Try to reduce stress or anxiety. Virtual coffee: Recreate a virtual conversation -casual chat- One thing is for sure, mental health must become a priority in our workplaces, especially during these challenging and uncertain times we…
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  • Police and mental health
    A Black man reportedly suffering from schizophrenia, homeless and shackled at Black Lives Matter Plaza. Polices of the Department of Behavioral Health in partnership with MPD are trained on how best to respond to calls for people whose behavior suggests a mental health disorder. “One of the cons to having the police block off this…
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  • How to resolve a toxic relationship?
    To be or not to be: keeping personal issues behind closed doors. When what’s yours becomes mine: ‘I’ and ‘you’ in the relationship transform into ‘we’ for everything. “The end of a romantic relationship can flip one’s world upside down and trigger a range of emotions. While some accept it, those with low self-esteem can…
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  • Outdoor Light Linked to Mental Health
    A large-scale study of U.S. funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health, and is published in JAMA Psychiatry, shows associations between outdoor, artificial light at night and health outcomes. “These findings illustrate the importance of joint consideration of both broader environmental-level and individual-level exposures in mental…
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  • 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health.
    Focus on things you can control Avoid sources of stress and anxiety Take care of yourself Remain social Click on some “me-time” “Nearly half (45%) of adults across the country (US) say that worry and stress related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are hurting their mental health”. Cecilia Amador |All Work
  • American’s mental health on coronavirus times.
    Loneliness, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are some of the most frequent symptoms that Americans present in their mental health due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than half of Americans have reported through calls or “red line” messages that they have taken medications to control these feelings. “If we don’t do something about it now,…
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  • Coronavirus attacks Mental Health
    The battle to stop the coronavirus pandemic, fought with social distancing and enforced isolation, is taking a psychological toll that some officials warn could prompt another crisis, a mental-health one. Ruth Bender | The Wall Street Journal
  • Tips for your mental health during quarantine
    Quarantine and social distancing is the constant behavior a few months ago of all of us, while different governments around the world make efforts to find a solution to the coravirus pandemic. What governments can do Quarantine measures effectively, while minimizing the duration and ensuring sufficient supplies. Michael Friedman, associate professor at Columbia School of…
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