Needle Panic

When it comes to needles, not everyone handles them well, but many people also do not consider the emotional and mental burden that this might bring. Now, with worldwide COVID-19 vaccinations, one of the downsides of vaccination requirements is that many will refuse vaccination due to the negative feelings caused by the vaccination process, the highest rate of refusal coming from those between 19 and 29 years old.

According to the most recent survey carried out by the University of Oxford, more than 15,000 adults in England say that they have a phobia of needles, representing about 10% of the doubts held towards the COVID vaccine, an alarming situation.

For this reason, concerns have emerged about this phobia, and, with the help of professionals, people can work towards overcoming their fear of needles.

“The pricks are uncomfortable and strange, so it is absolutely normal to be afraid of needles, but it is important not to let that discourage you from receiving the vaccine.”

Andrew Iles

Lindsay Brown and Luxmy Gopal|BBC Newsbeat

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