Mental Health Stems from Inattention to Social Problems

Dr. Andrew Smolar is a psychiatrist and clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Temple University School of Medicine. He recently gave an interview to Trib Live news portal about mental health with strong statements that highlight the hard reality of this subject in the United States.

He mentioned, for example, the crises of depression and anxiety that are evident among adolescents in schools, which he attributes to the lack of attention that has been paid to the mental health of students. Although the problem is well known, there is still a long way to go to put into practice a solution. He also pointed out that issues such as lack of social opportunities and poverty trigger mental health problems.

“We see patients routinely who demonstrate this characteristic. Sometimes it is accompanied by what we call a personality disorder, which may include superstitions, black-and-white thinking, lying, sensitivity to abandonment and grandiosity that barely covers inadequacy.”

Andrew Smolar.


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