Mental Health from the Perspective of Influencers.

Mental health issues have brought influencers and experts in mental health into debate. On one hand, influencers who consider this topic as vital make short videos in different platforms to express how they feel to their followers, even giving advice, and on the other hand, professionals claim that these influencers lack the necessary knowledge to define the issues precisely.

One example is Issey Moloney, a 17-year-old who, after signing up for therapy through Britain’s National Health Service at age 12, was on a waiting list for four years, and gave up. Then, she decided to start making her own content on TikTok; she currently has 5.9 million followers between the ages of 14 and 18.

“I don’t want to give anyone the wrong advice. I have met some [followers] who have just started crying and saying ‘thank you’ and stuff like that. Even though it seems small, to someone else, it can have a really big impact.”

Issey Moloney


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