How good is Self-Demanding?

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

Today’s society has developed ideals of beauty and behaviors that confuse and overstimulate personal growth and that, when not fulfilled, cause discomfort in the individual. How many times a day do you think critically about yourself? Do you feel bad if you do not achieve something you set out to do? Throughout the day you may wonder, might I have done better? Then, you might be pushing yourself too hard.

Self-demanding and perfectionism are personal attitudes that help the individual achieve objectives, anyone can manifest them and they are usually more frequent than we imagine, we generally relate them to being more successful, but it is not always the case [1] .

Now, given that character develops these attitudes and therefore our personality, and the environment plays a fundamental role in developing and maintaining the attitudes. Society, family, school education, culture, and other factors emerge as external pressures that lead us to be in constant comparison with others, causing us to evaluate ourselves and seek the demand that leads us towards perfection.

According the Virgie Lemay-Vriesde website [2] , there are some advantages to being self-demanding, such as setting high standards, efficacy, polished result, attention to detail, fewer fixes, and accepting challenges. Perfectionists are great at organizing and excellent at detecting errors, but at the same time they have some disadvantages, such as “higher stress, exhaustion, and anxiety levels. So while certain aspects of self-enforcement can be beneficial in the workplace, perfectionist tendencies can also clearly affect employees.”

That is why we invite you to answer the following questions to know if you are self-demanding [3] :

  1. Are your expectations always exaggerated?
  2. Do you criticize yourself in a self-destructive way?
  3. Do you put pressure on yourself?
  4. Do you belittle your own achievements?
  5. Do you sleep well?
  6. Do you try constantly to be a perfectionist?





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