“Ghosting, a Network Practice that Affects Our Mental Health”

A study conducted by Professor Royette T. Dubar about “Ghosting” to 76 emerging students at the university, shows how it affects social relationships and the mental health of individuals.

“Ghosting” is a network practice that consist of ignoring another or as its name infers, making it disappear, like a ghost. Some of the decisions that were evidenced to understand why people made other users “ghost on the network”, was due to a lack of confidence in themselves when they want to start a conversation, fear of being asked for sexual content, or due to uncertainty and anxiety generated by making new relationships.

If you want to know the whole study, please visit https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Fppm0000343

“I do not have the confidence to tell them that. Or I guess it could be because of social anxiety.”


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