TikTok, a Platform that Needs Professionals and Influencers for Emotional Health.

Just as TikTok has been a support platform for those who suffer from emotional wellbeing problems, many of the influencers and users run the risk of not receiving the correct opinion, because they decide to self-determine their diagnosis, which always needs the support of a professional. 

One of the examples is the influencer Rocío Romero, who after making a video about eating disorders in women, realized that she needed the support of a professional on the subject, because her followers had many questions that she could not solve. Therefore, she decided to create an app, Caliope, where she brings together professionals who talk about emotional health.

“Younger people tend to imitate, and will copy a behavior just because a person seems interesting or attractive, even though the information is not substantiated.”

Ignacio Civeira.


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