Developing Emotional Intelligence Helps Us in Aspects of Our Lives

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

For several decades research has emerged that demonstrates the importance of strengthening social skills, since they allow individuals to manage their emotions efficiently, and which have taken on greater importance since the pandemic because current social behaviors show the weak mental state of many individuals.

For this reason, the forms of communication and the way in which we face the different situations in our daily lives are to be reconsidered. This is where Emotional Intelligence has become a useful tool to stay mentally healthy.

When we talk about Emotional Intelligence we refer to “being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively), and learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and other’s [1] .”

Then, it is clear that those who develop Emotional Intelligence have a great advantage in life, because it is present in their daily lives and fundamentally influences the decisions made every day. That is why it is vital that people learn to properly manage their feelings and know how to interpret and relate effectively to the feelings of  others [2] .

By becoming aware of the emotions involved in our behaviors and understanding how they affect other people, we develop social skills such an empathy, self-control, conflict resolutions and cooperation, etc., which constitute fundamental elements when it comes to adapting, performing task, improving quality of life, and reducing anxiety and depression [3] .

Some aspects that characterize people who have high levels of Emotional Intelligence are [4] : They are not perfectionists, they know how to balance work and play, they embrace change, they do not get easily distracted, they are empathetic, they know their strengths and weaknesses, they are self- motivated, they don’t dwell in the past, they focus on the positive, and they set boundaries.

Now that you know how Emotional Intelligence can help you in the different aspects of your life, work on it and promote it in your family, school, work and community, it will surely give you greater possibilities of social development.






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