Best Apps to Improve Our Mental Health

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

We use our smartphones to search for information, connect to social networks, make calls or video calls and download endless applications for our entertainment and productivity. Did you know that we could also download applications that improve our mental health? These will allow us to have a better emotional well-being.

According to the [1] portal, the 10 best mental health applications this year were Moodfit, MoodMission, Talkspace, Sanvello, Calm, Happify, Depression CBT PTSD Self Help Guide, Shine, eMoods, Bearable, Todoist and Coach.

Moodfit[2]  is an application that generally helps to change people’s lifestyles through setting daily goals for self-care, cognitive behavioral therapy, mood diary, breathing exercises, sleep, and lifestyle. MoodMission[3]  helps alleviate and even overcome feelings of depression and anxiety by creating personalized plans that through music and even synchronizing contacts will enable us to complete objectives. Talkspace[4]  offers the possibility of individual therapies, as a couple, for adolescents between 13 and 17 years old. It also helps psychiatrists support the emotional situation of the user.

Sanvello[5]  specializes in improving stress, anxiety and depression among users through self-care, online support, coaching and therapy. Calm[6]  is responsible for improving the quality of sleep, reducing stress or anxiety, improving concentration and self-improvement. Happify[7]  helps reduce negative thoughts and builds on building resilience by creating effective thoughts and feelings developed within custom programs.

On the other hand, Depression CBT Self-Help Guide[8]  is ideal to find articles, audios and tests that will help to overcome mental health problems. Shine[9]  is Apple’s 2020 Best App Winner; here you will find daily meditations, expert opinions, custom programs, and online community support.

eMoods[10]  allows carrying out the control of the symptoms of patients who have bipolar I and II disorders, depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders. Bearable[11]  helps keep track of daily activities such as sleeping, medication, exercise and even eating. Todoist[12]  application of colors and calendar tools as a day or calendar application. Finally, PTSD Coach[13]  is an application specially designed for all those who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Before using any of these applications, consult with a professional.  Remember, Neighbors’ Consejo is here to serve all residents of Washington, DC.  Visit our website to learn more.















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