Articles September

  • Washington: A Homeless City
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| The capital of the United States is renowned for its imposing monuments, its beautiful landscapes, the cleanliness of its streets and boulevards. However, not many people know that Washington D.C is one of the cities in the US with high numbers of homeless people living on its … Read more
  • Bad Duo: Drugs and Suicide
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| “Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die[1]”- CDC. This undoubtedly sounds dramatic, as it summarizes a final act that a person can take. However, the act is not isolated from mental health issues that lead to it, but rather directly related to … Read more
  • Working with suicide
    BY: Laura Pinzón | Neighbors' Consejo| Suicide events can undoubtedly affect many areas of our life. It’s enough to see how within our own families this dreadful phenomenon manifests itself. But have we ever wondered how this affects us within our work environment? There are statistics that break down suicides … Read more
  • The best job: Take care of your emotional well- being
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| This past 6th of September, the first Monday of September, the United States celebrated Labor Day, a date that commemorates the labor movement, which came from the social sector that during the Industrial Revolution suffered very poor conditions, like a 12 hours workday, 7 days a week. … Read more
  • The monster that attacks mental well-being: Stigma.
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| The fear of being stigmatized interferes and prevents people from taking even the necessary first step to seek support from a specialist, tell someone about how they feel, receive treatment or be medicated, because they always think about the “monster” that they must defeat in the eyes … Read more
  • Effects on Emotional Health after September 11
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| On September 11, 2001, the terrorist attacks on the United States undoubtedly changed history in many aspects for American society. Some astounding figures can be observed from that day, more than $60 billion in damages and material losses, $123 billion in economic losses, $15 billion dollars in … Read more