Wellness week 2021

We all know the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially within the most vulnerable populations, due to lack of resources and misinformation. This implies that more aid and proper information are needed from governments to improve and overcome this crisis. During Wellness Week, organized to begin on September 13th by the Pan American Health Organization, Director Carissa Etienne seeks to speak and demonstrate that the only way to move towards greater equality in health and wellness is through new implementations of social support.

This proposal seeks to urge all governments and people to make a greater effort to create equitable communities where similar opportunities are available to all. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean states that poverty has increased to levels not seen in 12 years. This directly affects negatively the mental health of the population, which without due attention can augment social problems. That is why, beginning today, all people are invited to participate in this Wellness Week, which only seeks to create awareness and provide a better lifestyle within the population.

“One lesson that this pandemic has taught us is that it is not enough for communities to unite. Those facing hardships should not have to rely on the kindness and goodwill of their neighbors to survive. The health and well-being of all can only be achieved when governments provide a protective net”

Carissa Etienne

Pan American Health Organization|NEWS PAHO

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