Mental health rides in bicycle

Having moments of stress when having a daily commute can be difficult to manage. Have you asked yourself how many people normally can also suffer from the same feelings? Well, this is normal, and it makes for levels of patience and even character to vary so much that it might lead to having a bad day.

According to research conducted by Environment International, if you choose a bicycle as your primary method of transportation, you can experience a 10.51% decrease in stress levels when compared to using a vehicle, which increase levels of stress by 1.43%.

Today, there is a wide variety of options available to help you move around your city. One of these are bicycles, a traditional but highly efficient option that can provide a positive result during your travel. What are you waiting for to begin? Remember that being in good mental and physical health is a decision that starts at home.

“The interesting part about this study is that it shows that, despite all other aspects that can affect stress, the way that one chooses to transport oneself is key.”

Juan Pablo Orjuela


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