Articles July 2022

  • Start the Day Without a Cup of Coffee? Are You Crazy?
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Start the day without a cup of coffee? Are you crazy? That is the thought of many of us who, without this drink “we feel like zombies”, without courage and strength, asleep. Despite it being a routine behavior, do we really know the benefits that this has for our mental health? According … Read more
  • Heat Waves “Burn Off” Mental Health Alarms
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Summer is for many of us the best time of the year because we can tan, rest and enjoy the sun. However, this year heat waves have turned into nightmares because they caused deaths, airport closures and mental health problems. If we go around the world, the panorama is not encouraging. For … Read more
  • Autism (ASD): Not a Mental Health Condition
    BY: Neighbors' Consejo| Difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling, trouble interpreting facial expressions, body language, or social cues, difficulty regulating emotion, trouble keeping up a conversation, having inflection that does not adequately reflect personal feelings, difficulty maintaining the natural give and take of a conversation [1] , etc., may be some of the many … Read more