Believe It or Not, Believe

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Believe… We believe in everything or we believe in nothing. Believing is the formation of concepts in different areas of our lives that allow us to interact with others. However, many times these beliefs can be as good as possible or so bad, that they can harm us. How do beliefs affect our emotional wellbeing?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary [1] , believe, as verb is to “consider to be true or honest. To accept the word or evidence of.” The Cambridge Dictionary [2]  defines it “to think that something is true, correct or real”. In conclusion, “to trust or have faith in someone or something; to accept a fact or what someone says as truth”.[3] 

Perhaps, there are many questions that you have, but it is worth to highlight one of them: When we believe in something, how do we know we believe it? “Since beliefs are mental states which make up our consciousness, we know we believe because we experience it in a similar way that we experience thoughts and desires. Visual experience, for example, is usually accompanied by a belief or certainty that what we are seeing is real. That sense of certainty is a-consciousness accompanying the phenomenal experience of vision. We know it because we experience it in a qualitative way. It is a certain sense of presence that we become aware of in our interaction with objective reality [4] ”.

Talking about this topic –belief- is immersing ourselves in a universe of questions that go beyond the philosophical, but rather enclose life itself. A Conscious Rethink website [5]  summarizes “20 Things You Really Ought To Believe In” (we will mention some of them), because your beliefs have a profound impact on you, think about what you truly believe in:

  1. Yourself: Most important of all, believe in yourself.
  2. Others (the goodness of): Believe that most people have good intentions and are not to be feared or mistrusted. After all, if you fear or mistrust others, they will fear or mistrust you.
  3. The power of kindness: Acts of kindness can have a huge and lasting influence on the lives of others. When you see an opportunity to be kind, take it.
  4. Everything shall pass: Believe that whatever troubles you might be facing right now, they will pass.
  5. Your inner strength: Remember that you are more resilient than you give yourself credit for.
  6. Hope: It reminds you that better days are ahead. It helps you to see meaning and purpose in what you do each day.
  7. The truth: Truth is openness and this create healthier connections between people.
  8. The power of words: Never underestimate the power of positive words on those who need to hear them.

Why is believing important? It creates the right mind-set, it forces our brains to spot opportunities, it creates belief in others, increases self-confidence, and it gives us peace of mind and reduces stress [6] . Believing will generate in you an environment of trust, which allows you to relate better, as long as you also respect the beliefs of others.








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