The best job: Take care of your emotional well- being

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

This past 6th of September, the first Monday of September, the United States celebrated Labor Day, a date that commemorates the labor movement, which came from the social sector that during the Industrial Revolution suffered very poor conditions, like a 12 hours workday, 7 days a week. Regardless, even though modern-day work conditions have gotten better, many workers still feel enslaved by the situations that perturb their mental health.

The primary causes that affect the mental health of workers have only increased due to the pandemic because emotions such as sadness, anxiety, worry (mainly about economics and health), anger, and others have come to light. And, even after so many years and propagating the idea that we are in the “age of information”, the ignorance and taboo that we have surrounding this topic is enormous, and because of this it shouldn’t surprise us that many workers will not seek help when they feel bad emotionally, given that fear of what others will say, or their worries about losing their jobs.

We can see how the most recent information from the International Work Organization about politics and programs for the mental health of workers in countries like Poland, Finland, the United States, and Germany, reveal that the problems in this matter are increasing. For example, one out of every ten workers in the United States presents clinical profiles with anxiety, stress, depression, and lethargy, and this also includes unemployment and hospitalization.

The center of attention of the information was that depression is the most common illness, due to the fact that it has come to affect (per year) about a tenth of the adults within the age range of being employed, and this situation has brought, in total, the loss of approximately 200 million lost days of work every year.

Either way, not everything is bad because there are currently multiple organizations dedicated to supporting emotional wellbeing, which is what we should all commemorate when we celebrate this Day, the chance to take care of our mental health. After all, receiving a helping hand is never out of place and it can generate a better workplace.


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