About Us

Neighbors’ Consejo is a non-profit and public charitable organization that for over 26 years has been dedicated to providing free, culturally and linguistically competent mental health and community support services to our Latino, African-American and other neighbors who are among the most vulnerable residents in the Washington, D.C. area.



Join your hand with my hand, so our neighbors can be in good hands.


Neighbors’ Consejo provides culturally and linguistically competent mental health rehabilitative services, social and community support services to the neediest in our City — those underserved or uninsured. We strive to empower our neighbors to become self-sufficient and productive members of society.



Since our humble beginnings in a local church basement in 1994, Neighbors’ Consejo has been working with and for some of the most vulnerable members of our city.

We were founded when a small group of concerned residents sought an effective way to alleviate the rising tide of homelessness and addiction, they witnessed daily on the streets of their Mount Pleasant neighborhood.  That core group became our first board of directors upon incorporating Neighbors’ Consejo in 1995.  In response to the high concentration of the City’s Latino population in Ward One, we placed special emphasis on providing services in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner right from the start.

The spirit of mutual respect between ourselves as professionals and each participant in our programs anchors our approach.  Our name means Neighbors’ “Advice” and evokes the climate of dignity we seek to create in and through our work.  In striving towards the goal of ending homelessness and helping those in need to develop self-sufficiency, we respond directly to the personal and social conditions that lie at their root cause.  Each of our programs has been a part of our overall continuum of care, which we designed to address the many complicated issues facing our neighbors in need.  Today, we extend our hand to help our neighbors throughout the City, in our locations in the northwest and southeast sections of Washington, DC.


Values & Principles


Faith: We believe in the importance of what we do. We have faith in people, in the generosity of our community and in the responsibility of our government.

Excellence: Conscious of our limitations, we drive our volunteers, staff and service providers to achieve the highest standards of quality in the services we provide, because the lives of people who suffer exclusion, abandonment and neglect are on the line.

Integrity: We commit to act within the ethical boundaries of what is correct, for the benefit of our neighbors and our community as a whole.

Respect: We are an example of respect to the diversity of all individuals of all economic conditions, and we instill in our program participants the imperative of self-respect.

Solidarity: We set common goals so that all who are involved in our social function work united and organized in achieving the attention and recovery of our neighbors in need, and the wellbeing of our community. “Join your hand with my hand, so our neighbors can be in good hands”.

Service: We serve with humility and efficiency. Without exclusions or preferences. We are driven by the recovery of our neighbors in need.

Courage: We impress among all our people the courage to face risks, leave their comfort zone, solve problems, create and grow, all centered around serving those who need us the most.



Social Responsibility

Human Development and Well being