Neighbors' Consejo redes sociales eng

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric diagnosis, assessment,
and treatment, and medication management.

Community Support

Help our neighbors follow their established treatment plan to achieve their individual goals. Assist our neighbors in developing life skills, from keeping appointments to applying for government programs, such as housing or insurance. Support neighbors in their homes or a place of their choice. 

Psychotherapy in
Person and Online

Diagnosis, assessment, person-centered treatment plan, and individual and group therapy and counseling.

A range of advice, diagnosis and treatment FREE OF CHARGE.

Our mental health services include prevention, timely intervention and treatment for anxiety, depression, and stress, etc.

Community support services that guide people with social and personal challenges.

Multilingual Services.


Help with getting your mental health together. Friendly staff and great employees.

Paula Justice

Neighbors’ has a hard working staff team that lends a helping hand to their consumers at all times. Thumbs up and keep up the good work!

Angie Meep

See you the way other people see you then you can fix you.