The Psychiatrist: A Professional for the Brave, not the “Crazy”.

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

The word psychiatrist relates within society to concepts such as “madness, disease, problem, depression, etc.” and others that social imagination has mistakenly created. However, those who have received the support of these professionals understand their importance in the personal development of human beings.

To talk about the psychiatrist we must start from its “root”, psychiatry [1] , which is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Therefore, the professional who develops this expertise specializes in mental health, including substance use disorders. Psychiatrist are qualified to assess both mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.

Now, what is the importance of the psychiatrist? According to Palms Behavioral Health [2] , there are three fundamental factors:

  1.  Helping one make a significant personal change. This means that one is accompanied in overcoming the conditions that are destabilizing his/her emotional well-being, finding the best treatment so that it is successful.
  2. To pinpoint the specific issues accurately, diagnosing the behavior and background that are affecting one’s emotional health.
  3. Improving one’s quality of life, because being supported in the process will allow one to overcome negative emotional conditions.

How to take the step to visit a psychiatrist? Well, to begin with, you should know that we could all have difficulties with our emotional well-being, so it is enough to be human to feel the need to ask for help. For this reason, The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists [3]  poses answers to several questions on their portal Your Health in Mind:

What will my first consultation be like [4] ? It will take approximately one hour and in it, your psychiatrist will want to talk with you about how you feel, learn more about your past in order to link present feelings with your experiences and memories. 

What should I do to schedule an appointment? Depending on the medical center you go to, in general you must make an appointment by phone or virtually, it is recommended that you read the information provided so that you are clear about the conditions of your consultation, such as the hours or time it will take to speak with the doctor, be clear about all the questions that you will ask, and finally, make the decision without fear of following the process.

So… Am I crazy if I consult a psychiatrist? Not at all, remember that we all have weaknesses in our emotional well-being; we just have to remember that having balance in this part of our life is vital for achieving our goals in life and therefore, asking for help from a professional such as psychiatrist should not be embarrassing. It is brave, because it demonstrates your initiative to lead a better life.






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