Let’s Practice Positive Thinking

BY: Neighbors’ Consejo|

“Thinking is the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts [1] ”. This exercise is important because it allow us to learn about what we see and feel on a daily basis so we can make independent decisions within our environment. In addition, it gives meaning to life experiences, which can be positive or negative depending on the impact these experiences have on our daily lives, how they affect our physical and mental health, and how they influence interpersonal relationships [2] .

For example, perhaps it has happened to you that you have a job interview and before doing it, you begin to think that you will not get the job. You can then possibly develop frustrating ideas that make you think that if you do not get the job, your future is uncertain. Then, endless ideas will go through your mind and will affect your performance in the interview and in general, disturb your well-being.

This is an example of negative thoughts, which are pessimistic, irrational and wrong; they can appear unconsciously or consciously as a response to a daily situation. All of us have them sometimes but when they start to recur and affect our daily lives, such as making us eat more, not wanting to do physical activity or have difficulties to see the situation in a positive way, then possibly we lose hope and our health is seriously affected [3] .

Therefore, it is necessary to self-critically identify and analyze what we think, because if we do not have the ability to reflect on the truth of our thoughts, the way we do, feel and act, this may affect our mental health. Negative thoughts influence how we perceive our environment and ourselves, generating anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc [4] .

It is essential to learn to recognize these thoughts and control them in a healthy way. We can do the following exercise and check if we are having negative thoughts: if we exaggerate the negative aspects of a situation and leave aside all the positive ones, if when something bad happens, we automatically blame ourselves; if we always anticipate the worst, if we see things only as good or bad, if we are  perfectionists [5] .

With time and practice, we can create healthy thinking habits, so here are some ways to think and behave more positively and optimistically [6] : identify areas to change, check ourselves, be open to humor, follow a healthy lifestyle, surround ourselves with positive people, and practice positive self-talk.








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