August 2022

Mental Health Workers Protest against Kaiser Permanente

Hundreds of workers including psychologist, therapist, social workers and counselors in California, have demonstrated against Kaiser Permanente, seeking to provide

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DC’s Children, Among Those Experiencing Mental Health Crises

A recent study made by the Annie E.Casey Foundation showed that children in Washington D.C. area rank 19th in the Nation for experiencing a “mental health crisis”…

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Ezra Miller Faced “Complex Mental Health Problems”

After actor Ezra Miller faced accusations of abuse and other legal situations, he declared in public “complex mental health problems” after a “time of intense crisis”…

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Free Days for Students with Mental Health Problems

Currently, 12 states, among which are Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Utah, allow their students to have days off when they have any mental health…

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National Mental Health Emergency Line is opened for Mothers

We are commemorating National Breastfeeding Week, a date that makes us focus on the wonderful experience of being a mother. This year, the Health Resources and…

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Sharing With Others, a Good Therapy for Our Mental Health

An investigation published by the American Psychology Association shows that receiving unexpected calls from friends generates feelings of happiness and fulfillment …

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