Believe It or Not, Believe

Believe… We believe in everything or we believe in nothing. Believing is the formation of concepts in different areas of our lives that allow us to interact with others. However, many times these beliefs can be as good as possible or so bad, that they can harm us. How do beliefs affect our emotional wellbeing?…

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Fundraising: An Activity that Goes Beyond Raising Resources

Fundraising is an activity people generally understand as a way to support a cause of a company, organization, nonprofit or person. However, this activity goes further, because it contributes to generating wellbeing in others and above all, in ourselves… 

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Reading Brings Great Benefits to Our Mental Health

Reading is an activity that we learned from a young age and it is almost a natural behavior in our daily routine. Literature, scientific articles, novels, poems, essays, there are many personal preferences around this topic but do we know the benefits of reading for our mental health? …

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Make Your Mental Health Great Again

Every day we see ourselves immersed as citizens in politics. Which political party are we aligned with? What do we think about a senator’s decision? Whom will we vote for mayor or president? What do we think about a new…

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Barriers to Mental Health Care for Latino or Hispanic Communities

Hispanic is a “person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race [1] ”. According to the United States Census Bureau [2] , “the Hispanic or Latino…

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